Excerpts from Our Facebook Page

“In the fullness of a wholesome life of meaningful interaction with others and rewarding communion with the self, one is never alone. All of life subtly communicates and supports ones pure intent.”

“Wholesomeness requires living with attention to the moment; fully aware of the gifts the present brings.”

“Heightened awareness belongs to those who are wealthy in the currency of universal life: energy. Live frugally and do not squander your energy on trying to pander to the expectations of others, lest you allow illusion to rob you of awareness. Let nature be your solace and your sustenance. Take the time to watch the stars, that they may awaken your eternal perspective. Listen to the early morning birdsong, that it may stir your joy at welcoming a new day. In the deep forests you will find your sanctuary. By the breath of a mountain breeze, your mind will be cleared of the superfluous and the profane.”

An Invitation to the Anchor League

We would like to invite you to visit us on Facebook, and join our rapidly growing membership worldwide. The purchase of your anchor ring — the emblem of our League — automatically establishes your membership. Financial assistance is available if you cannot afford one. Click here to visit the store. There are monthly gifts of gratitude given to members of the League by a random drawing. In October, two free seminars were given. For November, four Sigils of Power were created for the winners.

We look forward to inviting you into our group. The purpose of wearing our emblem, the anchor ring, is as a reminder to free ourselves from the shallow living of a materialistic environment. We share one of the posts from our Facebook:

“Freeing ourselves from the self-induced stress of living an outcome-oriented life, is one our greatest achievements. Doing our responsibilities with joy, creativity, and focused attention to the moment, sets us free from the tyranny of time. Success becomes a moment well-lived, rather than a designated outcome.” ~The Seer